Android photo gallery app complete source code

Android applications are one of the most famous trend these days. Every programmer wants to start Android development as soon as possible and one of the easiest way to do this is by reviewing previously made applications source code and learn more from them. It is a really good approach and it can help a developer boost his programming skills. Explore my blog for more source codes of apps which can help you become a good android programmer and can also help to start earning from Admob.

Leaf Pic

Leafpic is an open source Android photo gallery by which you can view your gallery images in beautiful materialistic way. It is adfree and have all features of a common mobile gallery. You can download it’s source code and can view its functionality and can also modify it and use according to given license. Some screenshots of its material design are given below.

As you can see this app contains material design GUI so it is really great to view its code and learn from it.
You can download App code and apk from buttons given below.

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