Our huge selection of over 1000 gift ideas can be hard to sort through. Here are over 100 of our gift categories to easily narrow down your gift section.

  • Best Christmas Gifts

    Best Christmas Gifts (4)

    Make just about anyone’s Christmas special with our massive collection of the best Christmas gifts. From the latest gadgets to camping gear we have something for just about anyone on your shopping list.
  • Best Stocking Stuffers

    Best Stocking Stuffers (1)

    Need a fun stocking stuffer for someone this Christmas season? From a Q-tip crossbow to a keychain Sriracha, this is the ultimate list of the best stocking stuffers. We have looked through thousands of gifts to find you the best stocking stuffer gift ideas.
  • Cool Clothing

    Cool Clothing (10)

    Sure everyone needs a black t-shirt and a pair of levi’s, but once a while you have to step out of the mold and try something quirky, unique, and out of bounds! We aren’t shy about offering up some unique clothing here at Awesome Stuff, so check out this list of cool and unusual clothing and find what calls to…
  • Cool Coffee Mugs

    Cool Coffee Mugs (1)

    These unique and cool coffee mugs are sure to get your morning caffeine fix. Impress your caffeinated coworkers in the office or have a relaxing glass of tea at home with these cool mugs. We have curated all types of mugs including ones with funny slogans and mugs with unique shapes for all moods. Don’t forget to fill that cup…
  • Cool Gadgets

    Cool Gadgets (26)

    Here you will find a massive collection of the latest technology, smart home devices, and cool gadgets to tinker with. We strive to provide some of the coolest tech gadgets on the web all in one convenient location. From nifty camping gear to iPhone accessories there is just tech for just about anyone. Maybe a fidget cube for the kids…
  • Cool Gifts for Dad

    Cool Gifts for Dad (12)

    Impress your father with one of these cool gifts for dad. There is a gift here for any father who loves gadgets, drinking, or even funny gifts. Whether it’s a father’s day gift or a birthday gift for dad we have found over 65 gift ideas dad will love.
  • Cool Kitchen Stuff

    Cool Kitchen Stuff (12)

    Level up your kitchen with this collection of kitchen gadgets and accessories. Unique waffle makers, gadgets, funny kitchen stuff, and more we have something unique for everyone’s kitchen.
  • Cool Office Supplies

    Cool Office Supplies (5)

    Your office can be a drab, dull, and overall boring environment. We are here to help with our curated list of cool office accessories. Take a gander at the sundry of delightful products and mementos that will brighten up any corner office or cubicle desk. Maybe you just started a new job, this list is especially helpful if you’re looking…
  • Cool Toys

    Cool Toys (6)

    Collection of cool toys for kids or adults alike. Just about anyone will have a blast playing with these toys. From Lego to board games we’ve found the best toys all over the net. This range of cool toys will provide hours of fun for a boy, girl, or the child in any adult!
  • Creative Gifts

    Creative Gifts (8)

    You’ve now tapped into the wonderful, unique, odd, and fascinating. The creative page of Awesome Stuff to Buy offers up some of the webs most interesting, artsy, and thought provoking stuff around.
  • Crypto Lovers

    Crypto Lovers (6)

    This category is specially designed for Crypto Lovers specially bitcoin lovers.
  • Drinking Accessories

    Drinking Accessories (5)

    Whether a beer drinker or a wino we have a massive selection of drinking gifts any alcoholic will love. Maybe you’re looking for unique whisky stones or funny shot glasses we have something for everyone at the party. It can be tough to find a funny alcohol gifts but we’ve done all the guesswork. Our team has been hard at…
  • Food and Drink Gifts

    Food and Drink Gifts (6)

    Check out our offerings of gourmets food products, or oddly unique food eating accessories. Whether you need to keep your slice of pizza safe, or want bacon everything, you’re absolutely where you need to be.
  • For Him

    For Him (15)

    Unique Gifts for Men
  • Funny Gag Gift

    Funny Gag Gift

    The best kind of gifts will make people laugh. Here is our collection of funny gag gifts that are sure to make any friend, family member, or coworker crack up with laughter. From funny mugs to personalized voodoo dolls and everything in between these are some of the best gag gift ideas that you can find.
  • Funny Gifts

    Funny Gifts (12)

    If you were looking for a laugh you stopped on the right page. The stuff here will range from on the floor laughing funny, to dry wit. If you need a funny gag for a friend, or a pick me up on a boring day check out what we have to offer! 😂
  • Gifts for Gamers

    Gifts for Gamers (42)

    Level up any gamers special day with this collection of cool gifts for gamers. There is something for PC, console, mobile, and even retro gamers. If the gamer in your life loves VR headsets or mobile gaming you’ll find a perfect gift for any gamer on this list. We’ve even included items that will help a gamer stream on Twitch.…
  • gifts for geek

    gifts for geek (19)

    Find the perfect gift for the nerd in your life. From unique gadgets to the best Star Wars gifts we have handpicked the best gifts for geeks. No matter what kind of geek you have in your life we have the best selection of geek gifts. Whether they are a gamer, 90s kid at heart, or even a computer lover…
  • Gifts for Guys

    Gifts for Guys (29)

    Here you will find a wonderful assortment of gifts for guys. If there is a ‘him’ in your life then this page is a wonderful starting point to get gifts for him. Whether he needs some decor for his geeky mancave, such as a custom Simpsons portrait, or he is a rugged man who needs beer soap, you’ll find gifts…
  • Gifts for Kids

    Gifts for Kids (12)

    It’s tough buying products for the young ones in our lives, but we tried to make your efforts more meaningful by finding some of the coolest gifts for kids. Heck, some of these items would be great for the adults too!
  • Gifts For Pets

    Gifts For Pets (1)

    Cool things for your pet to wear, eat, drink, and everything else a pet would love to play with. This collection of cool gifts for pets will please any pet and their owner. Whether it’s for a cat or dog we have the gift ideas for you.
  • Gifts for Photographers

    Gifts for Photographers (1)

    It can be difficult to buy a photographer a gift since it’s such an expensive hobby. With lenses and accessories costing thousands of dollars finding the right gift is difficult. Our list of cool gifts for photographers will give you many gift ideas no matter your price point. From polaroid cameras to drones you’re sure to find a gift for…
  • Gifts for Women

    Gifts for Women (17)

    Spoil your girlfriend or even mom with this collection of cool gifts for women. Whether she loves wine, cute outfits or even just quirky gifts we have something she will love.
  • iPhone Accessories and Cases

    iPhone Accessories and Cases (4)

    Get more out of your iPhone with these cool iPhone accessories. Whether you’re looking for interesting iPhone chargers or just iPhone cases there is sure to be an accessory for you in this hand picked list.
  • Marvel

    Marvel (24)

    Perfect category of products for marvel fans.
  • Smart Home Gadgets

    Smart Home Gadgets (9)

    These smart home gadgets will modernize any home. With these home automation systems you’ll no longer have to get up to fiddle with your thermostat or even clean up after your cat! Whether you use Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit there is a device for any home. If you’re new to automating your home we recommend picking up a…
  • Unique Gifts

    Unique Gifts (19)

    Unique products and gifts sure to surprise anyone special in your life.
  • Weird Books

    Weird Books

    Here are a ton of odd books that are sure to surprise just about anyone. From cabin porn to self help books that will make anyone laugh. These weird books are sure to make you question. everything
  • Weird Gifts

    Weird Gifts (2)

    Sometimes you want to give an unconventional gift to that special weirdo in your life. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it by curating this collection of whimsical and weird gifts. Whether it’s for a friend or yourself we have weird covered. From pizza lip balm to finger tentacles we’ve found the strangest gifts on the planet.