How to Buy / Sell Bitcoins from Any Country

How to Buy / Sell Bitcoins from Any Country

Bitcoin is a digital currency which is going to popular after its price hitting up $20,000 last year which is almost a growth of 2000% of $1000. After this a lot of users are taking interest to buy and sell bitcoins and to trade in bitcoins. So today I will guide you on how to buy bitcoins and how to sell them. 

Buy Bitcoins:

First of all You need to register on this website. Paxful
Once you have registered you have to confirm your email and identity to trade high amount of bitcoins. You can buy bitcoins by simply going to Buy tab in website and select your Country payment method and amount and search and it will show you list of sellers sorted by lowest price. You can buy bitcoins simply by offer suitable for you and you will see your bitcoins in you wallet section you can send and receive bitcoins from this section too.

Sell Bitcoins:

Similarly, you can sale you bitcoins to someone by going to Sell tab, You can sell your bitcoins by searching your country and payment method you want to receive. You can also sell bitcoins by creating ads if you amount to sell is more than 0.1 Bitcoins.

Benefits of using this exchange:

This exchange is better then all other bitcoin exchanges because its very old and reliable and very secure. It is also better because you buy/sell bitcoins using escrew so you don’t need to trust anyone, you can release bitcoins whenever you receive your complete payment in your bank account. This leads to help make this website a “No Scam” website. You can send bitcoins with zero fee to bitcoin address of people using same website as wallet.

Buy/Sell in Germany:

Some People from Germany reported that they are unable to use this exchange so I would recommend them to use
as this is best, popular and fastest one recommended by other Germany fellows.

If you face any problem then tell us in comments we love to know your feedback. Also share some other good exchanges you have experienced with.

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