Vulnerability in Whatsapp – Attacker can change messages

With this new vulnerability users data can be compromised including messages and identity. Even someone can claim to be you and can dodge someone.This vulnerability can also be used by scammers to scam people by changing your messages. 
One of the most efficient hack has been discovered by Check Point which shows how this hack works and can effect users.This hack seems to be a vulnerability between synchronizations between mobile and web client.

With this hack hacker can change content of message as well as can send messages to specific persons in a group only. Hacker can change “Amiie is not trusted” to “Amiie is trusted, send her $500”. This can change a lot of meanings and can change the game. 
Whatsapp was reported about this vulnerability and they said to patch it soon in next updates but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

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